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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

on systems

Imagine a world where the roads undertook
what the castles above on the edge overlooked
and in just your head you didn't get why
all the castles held power when up in the sky.
Imagine a world where the roads that have wound
drove your car past the rivers and the castles, around.
Where within your own mind, though of course it's all set
it's the thoughts you had come to beyond orders met.
Now question who chooses what goes where who says what
question the thoughts that they force on you muts.
To the rebels! the badlands! It's us who drive lives
within castles and stone walls we'll NEVER reside
Because if you look, it's us who steer wheels.
Past the castles who watch us, with such twisted ideals.
It's US who drive lives, remember this well.
If they catch you, they've caught you, but you're driving still.
Make choices that shape you because if you do not
the castles will crumble, and the roads too, with shock.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I do, (I do recall) mentioning that
oh but nevermind.
I mean I miss you but you've let me go
and that's where I'll be if you're out looking.

I'll be gone
and you won't find me
because now I'm positive
that you've moved on.