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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


You feel like the world is having too many fits
Screaming and throwing things that kill people.
You feel like too many fits will break everything
the power going out
the snow cutting us off
the ice bergs melting.
It's that crushing noise of a frozen tidal wave
moments before it consumes you
and you're thinking maybe you should have recycled that plastic bottle of water you drank this morning.
like it was one small thing you could have done,
maybe you wouldn't be dying now.
Freeze their death frame,
look over to the next screen;
the roofs of houses like floating cereal in your breakfast. those last few survivors, soaking up milk before you eat them too. left for dead, some mornings you toss them in the food garbage;
SOME mornings you don't even care, you leave them.
Look alive, kids.

The time in between the apocalypse is what's waiting from now to then.
You can't help but notice these natural disasters are getting closer and closer together
maybe until it's one after another
maybe until there isn't a pause to collect yourself.
Maybe one day soon everything is going to end, but the ending where nothing gets cleaned up.
We won't be wiped out instantaneously.
But over the next few years
the struggle to survive might not be worth it.

Over the next few months we're going to
over the next few weeks we're about
over the next few days I'm still breathing
switching back and fourth the struggle to breathe is harder.

I think, "It's happening."

right before the wave crushes me.

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