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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nova's back too.

I saw Ellie today.
We talked about absolutely everything and sat in the lake.
We got sun-burnt, and walked to the graveyard together.
Since I took a walk and told her, she says she goes there a lot now. She's the only person I know who will take a walk through the graveyard with me, listen to me ramble about whatever's actually on my mind, and she' genuinely interested.
We spent an hour sitting on a bridge, writing. I wasn't worried.
We talked, and talked, and talked; and she told me I'm the only person who she can look into their eyes while talking to them.

She makes me feel safe.
Worried, at first, but safe.

I've found a perfect friend.
She's interesting in everything I'm interested in, and she doesn't mind walking for hours to strange places, only to end up with bug bites and cuts.
She likes cuts and scars, too.
That's important.
That's really important.

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