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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Smoke sinks into the pores of my skin, stinging my eyes.
"It's peeing again," I say quietly, holding my head up to the sky to keep from tearing up. 
She looks over to me from the rock, on her back, and smiles.
"Don't waste the rest," she says, taking it from my mouth and inhaling just the right amount. She takes one more drag, then smiles.
"Blowbacks," she says. "Put your mouth near mine."
I lean forward, and after she inhales, closer, and closer in, until she breathes into my mouth.

I inhale her air, her smoke, and smile.
"There," she says. 
She fluffs my hair up so it's a little teased, and tugs at my dress. My eyes shine silver and green, black rimmed, and my tights rub against the side of the rock as I lean in closer. 
No, I think. Stop.
But I can't exactly stop myself, not really. The scene is just so right.

She's just so right. 

"Vi?" she says.
I shake my head inside out and answer, "Yes?"
She tousles my hair again and says, "Nothing."


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