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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We ran

Brick by falling brick we cry
stack them over up the sky
Sticks and stones and dirtied nails
tie our rope around the sails. 
Wave by roaring wave we scream
the storm is loud, the storm is keen
On our heels and on our backs
knives in tow we pull the slack.
Boat by crashing boat we pass
to the harbour from our past
Grab the sailors grab the dock
tie the boat and calm the flock. 
Face by ashen face we walk
holding close our hearts in shock
The city's ghost is by our side
creeping up our backs, we hide.
Save the children save our lambs
lock the door, can you still stand?
Faded hands are banging loud
this door shakes before the crowd. 
Fear and icy chills are we
hiding under dusty streets
How are we to sleep tonight?
How are stay alive?

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