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Monday, July 12, 2010

I can't even bring myself to say it

I keep having dreams, see, or maybe nightmares, and they're haunting just as bad as reality.

I could hold my head and cry, screaming, biting my cheeks, squeezing my eyes shut tight,

but I won't.
It's revolting, really. Thinking about it.

My skin itches, my head aches, noisy little chatter won't stop, see, and it's really not fun.
So I scratch the itch, but that doesn't help. Deeper. I need to put pressure on it, right?
Put some pressure on, let some pressure out.

I could cry, and hold my head, screaming, biting the inside of my cheeks, squeezing my eyes shut tight.
But I won't, because I'll just stop thinking and it might go away.

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