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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The sad solidity is that our expectations are crap.
We're hoping for happiness, but the pursuit of such is damaging to our mental health. And as it is, that reverses and turns over all of our work like a pot full of rain water. More closely, though, a toy dump-truck abandoned in the backyard, muddy from the dirt clinging to it's wet plastic.
And we're told to think more clearly, more normally. But what is normalcy, if we think about it?
Our heads are empty. Shake, shake, shake, but nothing comes out. We can feel the water sloshing around from the pool...smell the chlorine burning through our skull, but... Nothing. There's absolutely nothing left.
We let rules and regulations eat us apart until we were normal. 
Until we were happy, we were sad.
The sad solidity is that we expect to be happy, to search for happiness. But, in Mr.Reality's world...we're meant to finish our empty lives alone, shuddering.
Tremble, tremble, and you choke and fall.
And no one bats and eye because that's the circle of life.

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