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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Meeka, there's something going on in my head. I only feel safe telling you.
It's not really every-day life anymore. There's voices in my head and they're starting to make decisions for me.
I'm not stopping them. I'm curious to see where they go. But I think they've made a mistake.

I've quit hurting myself for you, but that's only physically that I have control. I don't think you know what's happening inside my head right now. I don't think I can explain it.
Just...I'm letting you know something's wrong.
I quit smoking for you. To give you hope, maybe? So maybe you'll quit.

I quit cutting.
I ...I worked really hard, but inside it's working against me and I think I've really fucked it over.
I don't have hope anymore.
I don't mind.

I want to leave something good behind.

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