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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Nova and Ellie sit back to back, typing away on the computers in front of them. Nova watches her screen light up, typing in her password and username.
"Fucking hate this," she mumbles. "Fucking stupid ass computer doesn't load."
Ellie laughs from behind her, wondering if Nova realizes that teachers always hear her swearing.

Melanie walks in the door just near their computers and sits down on a chair near them.
"I don't have to go to school tomorrow," she gloats.
Nova looks at Melanie, in wonderment.
"Lucky," she sighs.
"Yeah. But why not?" Ellie gives up on getting her computer to load and turns her body towards Melanie.
"Because I'm going to the doctor with my mom to pick up anxiety pills." She smiles.

"Anxiety pills are highly addictive," Nova says bitterly, jealous that, Melanie, someone who has barely any anxiety at all, should be allowed pills to make it go away.
"I don't mind," Melanie laughs, hinting.
'Because you're a bitch-ass druggie,' Nova thinks. She stays silent, though, because that's who she is.
Nova watches Melanie, staring glumly at her yellow sweater. It's thick, and looks like it would be nice to lay on. She decides that if she's ever stuck in the woods, she'd like to have that sweater to cry into.

"Yeah." Melanie stands up and walks away.

Once she's out of earshot, Ellie grumbles.
"She wouldn't be flaunting her anxiety if she had it," she says.
Nova nods. She wants to say that she's got really bad anxiety,
that sometimes she can't even make it to school
she just can't.
But instead she returns her attention back to her computer screen, waiting patiently for it to load.

'Maybe she's got bad anxiety too,' Nova plays with the idea.

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