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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pretty or not

Pretty people of the world unite
we will throw a bash tonight.
Loud and thumping beat in tow
follow down the roads that glow.
Lights and beams and laser smiles
getting wet, it's been a while.
In the lake, upon the hill.
We're up too high, standing still.
And catch the bubbles
on your tongue.
They sting they bleed,
but we're having fun.
So scream out loud,
and louder yet.
Jump into the lake,
you're wet, you're wet.
With stitches here, and stitches there
you are a mistress, full of fear.
Crack your whip, draw your sword,
fight your demons without a word.
Pretty people, pretty girls
With that blood,
make rainbow swirls.
And drink some more, and drink some more.
Flying high, and tryin'ta score.

But you don't see,
the wolf just there.
Standing still,
with his nasty leer.
You're having fun
that soon will end.
He's after YOU
and her, your friend.

Keep safe tonight
Stay high, stay light.
Floating far,
floating bright.
the bright big home
for people who
love to groan.
And chatter chatter chit,
chatting up a storm.
Hide in gutters grey,
pretty people of the norm.

Humans, you see
are only just so smart.
We'll all fall flat on our face,
we'll all, some day, fall short.
And pretty one or not,
you're just as lost as I.
Because we are both human,
we will both die.

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