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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'll wait.

Hey, love. I promise you I'll be waiting for you
when you decide to find me.
With my bags already packed,
and my luggage right behind me.
Love, my dear,
I'll have the car all tuned up,
my money in my wallet.
There's no way we'll mess this up.
I promise the road will stretch out in front of us,
I promise the silence won't last.
Love, babe. I swear,
everything will be okay.
I promise you,
there won't be anything left to bare.
And the stars will all surround us,
dusty in the sky.
And the space that's all around us,
it'll all be just fine.

Love, my girl.
I've got my maps and charts
behind me.
And the world,
all this,
it's waiting for you to find me.

Grab your life
and hold on tight.
We're flying forward,
straight through the night.
We're blasting music,
the noise too high.
It's perfect, lovely, free-wing.
We'll be together when the time is right.

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