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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How things aren't

Hold on.

Hold on just one second, because I'm confused. I'm lost. I don't GET IT!

Slow down.

Speak slower, easier. Clearer, so I can actually understand you.

Step back.

Give me time to taste my words. Give me time to hear yours.

Or, you could be completely clear with me. Tell me exactly what you mean, and see what I have to say about. Maybe, if you asked the right questions, you'd get the right answers.
But stop leaving this all up to me,
because I have never
been the 'together' one in this relationship.

I am tacky.
Silly, spaced-out Tacky.

Don't make me something I'm not, because I was comfortable.

And now, I don't know who I am.
I keep changing, anyway.

I don't even know, and I fucking hate this.

Tell me something clear as day, okay?
Just tell me.
Tell me,
if this isn't working out,
I guess we'll do

Or maybe...maybe we're just not working out?
Maybe because, as I've always said, I'm a shit person.