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Thursday, May 27, 2010

You ugly girl, you.

Hey, YOU!
Yes, you. You skinny girl, with your perfect features.
You skinny girl you, you're fat!

Hey, YOU!
Yes, you. You gorgeous girl, with saddening words.
You gorgeous girl you, you're ugly!

Hey, YOU!
Yes, you. You silent girl, with a peaceful expression.
You silent girl you, you're screaming.

Fat, ugly, and screaming.
Why the fuck does the world tolerate your presence?
Why does the world lie to you?
Why do they call you these names,
that have no relevance,
to who you really are?

I am just fat,
just ugly,
and just SCREAMING

...for someone to want me.
To accept me.

But that doesn't even matter.
My screams are silent,
for I am loud.

And no one wants to hear me. 

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