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Friday, May 14, 2010


It's sort of like, eating small pieces of burning metal.
You're just trying to get through them all, sipping water in between every bite so it doesn't burn as much.
You're chewing, chewing, chewing....but god forbid tasting.
I mean, it hurts. It's metal. Burning, burning, burning metal.

It hurts, so don't taste it.
Don't let it manifest any longer and get into your head.


Sure, fine. But then you run out of water, and your mouth starts melting away. The skin falls off, the bones ground up, and everything is just

Um, ouch. It's sort of painful, but you're not even there anymore.
You're just somewhere else, someone else.

And then, the metal chips away at your teeth. Your teeth, which was the ultimate armour protecting the nerves underneath.
Once there's no teeth left, the metal singes and scrapes along your nerves.
100 100 100 TIMES THE PAIN.

So now, every bite is a handful of words.

My words, their mine.
And these words hurt. 

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